Kylo Ren Is the Bad Guy Again in Trailer for Sci-Fi Film 'Midnight Special'

A kid with superpowers is on the run in the trailer for 'Midnight Special.'

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Soon-to-be seen in the already in production Star Wars: Episode VIII Kylo Ren (real name Adam Driver) is keeping a kid from his father, probably jealous of a good father-son relationship, and harnessing powers that aren't his but of said kid in the newest trailer for sci-fi film Midnight Special

The mysterious trailer starts off with Driver's character asking someone he's interrogating (which might as well may be the audience): "What do you know about Alton Meyer?" One person says Alton has "fits," fits that would cause "things to break, cars to shut down" as another person says. Audiences get to see a glimpse of one of Alton's fits showing he's indeed a special kid with some kind of superpowers that cause his eyes to glow. But the trailer quickly reminds you he's just a kid, and well, life is a nightmare as he's comforted after the episode by his father (Michael Shannon). Kristen Dunst plays Alton's mother.

The trailer then launches into the persecution of Alton and his family as they run away from the military tracking him down with the help of people like Driver's character, who calls Alton a "weapon," in the first Midnight Special trailer.

In the midst of a trailer that includes a meteor shower and a car crash you have a tender moment between Alton and his dad where Alton tells him, "You don't have to worry about me" to which his dad responds, "I'll always worry about you, Alton. I like worrying about you. That's the deal." 

By the end of the trailer audiences may find they don't know that much more about Alton but by the ends Alton says he knows why he's here. It's up to audiences to find out why Alton's here when Midnight Special premieres in theaters on March 18. 

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