Ben Affleck Spotted Manning Dunkin’ Drive-Thru, Possibly for Super Bowl Commercial

The 50-year-old actor was spotted handing out caffeinated drinks during a reported commercial shoot, where wife Jennifer Lopez also made a guest appearance.

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Ben Affleck is taking his love for Dunkin’ to the next level. 

On Tuesday, the Gone Girl actor was spotted serving drinks at a Dunkin’ drive-thru in Medford, Massachusetts. Affleck wore the chain’s uniform, including a black shirt and hat that reads “America runs on Dunkin’.”

According to TMZ, there’s speculation that Affleck was shooting a Super Bowl commercial. At one point, the 50-year-old’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, appeared to join in on the fun. She pulled up in a white truck as Affleck gave her a caffeinated drink. 

In addition to J.Lo, Affleck also served a regular customer. The person in question documented the moment via Instagram. “Thanks @benaffleck @jlo for my coffee this morning!” customer Lisa Mackay captioned the interaction.

MacKay also told NBC10 Boston that Affleck was “quick-witted and funny” during the exchange. 

When he was done filming, Affleck took a moment to thank the crew. He made a joke about wanting to move up on the leadership board. “Thank you Dunkin’. Now listen, when I come back here I don’t wanna be in 16th place,” he said.

Affleck has always made his love for Dunkin’ known. Back in 2020, he became a viral meme after he was photographed dropping his drink and food order. One year prior, he spoke about how his affiliation with the brand helped its expansion. 

“I have Dunkin’ Donuts every day,” Affleck explained to Collider at the time. “It’s very weird, I have it every day and people are always like, ‘Where is that? Is that near here?’ So, I feel like I’m spreading the word.”

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