Sponsored Ads to Appear in Facebook News Feed in 2012

The social network promises you'll only see one ad per day.


Facebook will introduce a new form of advertising next year that will display what the company calls "Sponsored Stories" in user's News Feeds, Tech Crunch is reporting. 

The ads will be labeled "Sponsored" so as to not be confused with real stories. They will feature deals and stories about user's friend's Likes, and Pages that the user is already a fan of or already following. Facebook says users will not be able to opt out of the ads, but that they will only see one per day and if they don't wish to see them they can easily close them individually. 

Tech Crunch says the Sponsored Stories will resemble the image above. And while it doesn't look to be very intrusive, we're sure there's going to be outrage from a large number of users when this goes live. 

[via Tech Crunch

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