The Legacy Of Kidulthood: How Noel Clarke Changed British Cinema

Noel Clarke on the legacy of Kidulthood, Adulthood and Brotherhood.

noel clarke brotherhood

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noel clarke brotherhood

Everyone can list a dozen reasons why 2016 wasn't a year for celebration, but one of the few things for the UK to feel proud of was the culmination of Noel Clarke's Hood trilogy, which remains the defining snapshot of life in London for our generation.

Released ten years after Kidulthood birthed the brief swamp of UK hood movies, Brotherhood closes the book on a trilogy which Clarke—at various stages—has written, directed, and starred in. As we wrote last year, "it captured what kids are actually like in a way no British film has since."

With the release of Brotherhood on DVD, which also sees all three films come together in a box set for the first time ever, we asked Noel Clarke to reflect on the all-important—and often understated—legacy of the Hood trilogy.

noel clarke kidulthood
noel clarke brotherhood 2

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