Zoë Kravitz: Bound for Glory (Cover Story)

Zoe Kravitz Interview: Bound for Glory (2015 Cover Story)


We’ve all been wondering. On March 30th, Comedy Central told the world the little known Trevor Noah was going to take over Jon Stewart’s role on The Daily Show. The news spread fast, so did fans’ panic: but no one knows who the hell he his!!!

Not to worry. Complex has delved into this dude’s past, his secrets, his successes and his stints dancing on reality TV. It turns out Noah is a huge personality in South Africa, where he was born and bred. He’s done a number of stand-up routines and one man shows based on his history with Apartheid. He’s no stranger to talking about race, politics and culture with smirks and satire; Jon Stewart would approve.

Clearly he does. Noah admits that he received Stewart’s blessing. Now, it’s time for everyone else’s.  Here are 15 things you should know about Noah.  They include everything from his South African past to his thoughts on celebrities and comedy coinciding. 

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