Lowkey Quarantined: Issa Rae on Staying Productive, 'Insecure' Season 4 & Embracing Acting | Watch Less Episode 23

Issa Rae talks 'Insecure' Season 4, working on 'The Photograph,' and learning to embrace acting, all on the latest episode of Complex's 'Watch Less' podcast.

As the timeline erupts with the beginning of a new season of Insecure, the show’s creator and star, Issa Rae, blessed the pod. Issa breaks down Season 4's themes and teases where this year's conflict is headed, and also talks Stella Meghie on The Photograph and one important episode of this season of ‘Insecure’, and more insight from the set of Jay-Z’s “Moonlight” video. If you’re a diehard Insecure fan, just press play.

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