Listen to Episode 11 of 'Watch Less': Life Will Find a Way, with BD Wong

On this week's episode, khal and Frazier are joined by BD Wong to discuss his career, asian representation in Hollywood, Jurassic World 3, and more.

When a THESPIAN speaks, you better listen. BD Wong who’s done everything from growing the first dinosaurs in the OG Jurassic Park to fending off the unseen with Sandra Bullock in Bird Box with 14 years of SVU in between. Now, you can catch him as Awkwafina’s father in her new Comedy Central series. The legendary character actor stops by Watch Less to reflect on his career, the surge of Asian representation in Hollywood, his fatherly relationship with Awkwafina, facing off with Rami Malek in Mr. Robot's instantly classic final season, and teases Jurassic World 3. Frazier and Khal also remember the legend Kobe Bryant and highlight 2020's first batch of TV shows worth checking out.

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