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Watch Less

These days, there is so much information being given about every topic—not all of it accurate, or meaningful—that we can lose sight of the simple things: is this film or show actually good? What makes it important? And, mostly, what are people missing because they are so caught up in the biggest trending topic or news story? That’s where Watch Less comes in: our aim is to strip away the excess from the biggest stories and moments hitting television and film to get down to brass tacks: what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s being slept-on for today’s entertainment lover. Our aim is to explore pop culture through discussions, either through the knowledgeable staff at Complex or with the actors, directors, writers, and creatives who are doing the work and able to expound upon the themes shaping our culture today.



February 19, 2020

Listen to Episode 15 of 'Watch Less': Elijah Wood: Return of the Good Son

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, but a legend walks into the Complex podcast studio alone. The humble horror aficionado—and Lord of the Rings alumnus who has defeated Sauron and Macaulay Culkin onscreen—Elijah Wood is this week’s guest, in honor

February 12, 2020

Listen to Episode 14 of 'Watch Less': Anywho! with Lil Rel

2020 is the Year of Rel. Lil Rel Howery's been stealing scenes in your favorite movie since Get Out. This Valentine’s Day, he stars in Stella Meghie’s The Photograph alongside your favs Lakeith Stanfield and Issa Rae, but as he

February 5, 2020

Listen to Episode 12 of 'Watch Less': Gold Rush: Who Will Win Oscars 2020

We want 1917 to cover, Parasite at halftime, Bong Joon-Ho points and rebounds, and Joaquin Phoenix & Laura Dern to win the opening tip. It's Oscar betting season baby, get your predictions in and assuage your loan sharks. Khal &

January 29, 2020

Listen to Episode 11 of 'Watch Less': Life Will Find a Way, with BD Wong

When a THESPIAN speaks, you better listen. BD Wong who’s done everything from growing the first dinosaurs in the OG Jurassic Park to fending off the unseen with Sandra Bullock in Bird Box with 14 years of SVU in between.

January 22, 2020

Listen to Episode 10 of 'Watch Less': Woosah with 'Bad Boys for Life' Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

It's taken 17 years, but Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back for Bad Boys for Life, the long-awaited third installment of the Bad Boys franchise. To celebrate, Frazier and Khal look back on the importance of the Bad Boys films for Smith,

January 15, 2020

Listen to Episode 9 of 'Watch Less': Inside the Cage With 'YOU' Creators Caroline Kepnes and Sera Gamble

Hello, You: if you’re reading this then you’ve already finished Season 2 of Netflix’s delightfully deranged rom-com with a side of murder. Here on the show to break down the murder cages, finale twists and amazing names like Forty and

January 8, 2020

Listen to Episode 8 of 'Watch Less': Star Wars: The Rise of Chet Haze

Happy New Year! 1917 probably isn't out in your city yet, but it just won the highest Golden Globe. Should you go see it? Khal & Frazier break it down as well as a new conspiracy theory about J.J. Abrams'

January 1, 2020

Listen to Episode 7 of 'Watch Less': Ranking the 'Star Wars' From Classic to Trash, and Faves of the Decade

Frazier and Khal bring in Chopz from Load Management, Angel Diaz, and PC shooter Nate Houston on the pod to host a meeting discussing Complex's Star Wars movie rankings. Takes flew hot and heavy as the iconic film franchise got

December 25, 2019

Listen to Episode 6 of 'Watch Less': All 'Gems' Everything, With Trinidad James

With A24 building the wide release of the critically acclaimed, Adam Sandler-starring Uncut Gems for Christmas, it made sense for us to give you a special gift for Christmas: rapper, Full Size Run co-host, and international man of mystery Trinidad James,

December 18, 2019

Listen to Episode 5 of the Complex Pop Culture Podcast, 'Watch Less': Mid: A Star Wars Story

This week, Frazier and khal give their (spoiler free) first reactions to the latest Star Wars film, Rise of the Skywalker after catching it at the New York press screening. They also welcome back Damien Scott and Angel Diaz to talk

December 11, 2019

Listen to Episode 4 of the Complex Pop Culture Podcast, 'Watch Less': Unsnubbed Gems

Frazier and khal are joined by Complex's Editor-in-Chief Damien Scott and Load Management's own Chopz for this week's episode, where they not only break down the Golden Globes nominations—including all of the snubs and surprises—but also get into a conversation

December 9, 2019

Listen to a Bonus Episode of the Complex Pop Culture Podcast, 'Watch Less': Life on Mars with Yahya Abdul-Mateen I

On this emergency episode of the podcast, Frazier and khal catch up with Dr. Manhattan himself, Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Yahya talks how he found out who his Watchmen character really was, working with Regina King, and how he's reacting to