Mountain Lion Attacks Man, Bear Intervenes

Bears > Mountain lions.

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On Monday, Robert Biggs, a 69-year-old California man, set out on one of his regular hiking trips near Whiskey Flats. During his hike, he came across a mother bear and her cub, so he stopped to watch from a safe distance.

As he was getting ready to leave, he was knocked to the ground by a mountain lion that jumped onto his back. Luckily, the lion attached itself to his backpack, not his flesh, and he was able to hit the lion with a rock pick he was carrying  (his hiking trips always double as gold-panning trips). Biggs didn't have to do much else, because right after that the bear grabbed the mountain lion by the neck and the two titans of the animal world fought until the mountain lion was able to get away. It's like real life Primal Rage.

[via ABC News]

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