Houston Journalist Fired For Stripping On The Side

Everyone delete your blogs! Now!

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This week, two things have been added to the list of "Reasons Why You Can't Be A Journalist"—being a racist and being a stripper.

The Houston Chronicle has spoken for all journalists (and the sub-set of "society reporting"), crushing the dreams of many by firing Sarah Tressler for part-timing as a stripper. She was outed last week in a bit of hot, inter-city, Houston-on-Houston action when the Houston Press discovered her blog about stripping and took her down. She teaches at Houston University and no word yet as to if this whole "scandal" will effect her employment status there. While in New York, she not only got her master's in journalism from New York University, but she also hooked up with Jeremy Piven and blogged about it. What's next for Ms. Tressler? We're taking bets on a reality show deal. 

[via ABC News]

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