Craig Brewer Wants To Make A Live-Action "Tarzan" Film Trilogy

Anything will be better than those Brendan Fraser flicks.

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Craig Brewer is apparently aiming for work somewhere hotter after filming Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, and the upcoming Footloose all below the Mason-Dixon line. The writer-director has let it be known that he wants to resurrect the classic, jungle-set, Edgar Rice Burroughs story Tarzan.

Warner Bros. has locked Brewer into the deal, after struggling to get screenwriter John August on the ball in 2003 and then failing to finalize the project for Guillermo del Toro three years later. The most recent attempt to relaunch the live-action Tarzan franchise was in 2008, when writer/director Stephen Sommers (the Mummy movies, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) was in talks to oversee the production. A deal failed to materialize, although, in Sommers' case, it's for the best.

After wowing the studio with his screenplay, co-written by Adam Cozad, Brewer has convinced Warner Bros. to roll out the title character's story over the course of three different films. Clearly, Brewer is talented enough to bring the universally loved tale of the ape-man back to the big screen, but does developing a big jungle adventure right after Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tidessound a little bit reactionary?

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