Cassie Ventura Talks Dating Deal Breakers and 'The Perfect Match'

Cassie Ventura sits down with Complex News to discuss her new film 'The Perfect Match.'

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Earlier this week Cassie Ventura stopped by Complex HQ to talk about her new film The Perfect Match (in theaters March 11). Cassie stars as Eva, a femme fatale of sorts who ends up in a "no strings attached" relationship with high-powered talent agent Charlie Mack (Terrence J). Naturally, Charlie catches feelings and his his world gets turned upside down. Quite frankly, I can't say I blame the guy

In addition to talking about her role in the movie, Cassie breaks down some of the stereotypical traits of a young man arrested in development, including playing X-Box, prank phone calls, and waiting in line for sneakers. Watch the interview above. 

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