Animal Instinct: Bucky Turco's Greatest Internet Moments

The king of the jungle at AnimalNewYork is at it again, exposing sleepy Homeland Security employees. Look back at his most controversial scoops.

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Who says the Internet is killing real journalism? This week, former Complex staffer and current AnimalNewYork honcho Bucky Turco saw his camera phone pic of a napping La Guardia Airport Transportation Safety Administration worker get picked up by the mainstream media, resulting in said worker getting re-assigned to desk duty as well as rejoicing from beleaguered tattletales investigative web journalists the world over.

Of course this isn't the first time Bucky (a.k.a. the Shitstarter a.k.a. the demon Internet spawn of Upton Sinclair, William Randolph Hearst, and Larry Flynt a.k.a. the Wet Snitch) has put the world on blast. Love him, or (let's be real, more likely than not) hate him, just don't doubt his ability to make things really interesting, as you'll see with our timeline of his greatest Internet moments...

May 2009: BT Gets First Interview With the Hipster Grifter
• Ok, so it's not like he tracked down J.D. Salinger or something, but when Bucky was the first to speak with then-felon-on-the-lam Kari Ferrell a.k.a. the Hipster Grifter last spring, it was kind of a big deal (at least in certain incestuous media circles). Positing his exclusive as "Animal Spends the Night with Kari Ferrell" (dude knows how to sell a post, ya dig?), Bucky had the Internet going certifiably nuts from Williamsburg to the Lower East Side. But wait, the cycle of inane hipster fuckery gets even better! After H.G. served six months in a Utah jail for fraud, Benevolent Bucky gave her a job at Animal, where she presumably is a hot dog hall monitor and gets to write awesome blog leads like "Even though I didn't steal near the amount that was alleged, I do admit to manipulating my share of individuals (usually out of semen and chocolate)."


January 2010: BT Helps Senator Pimp Daughters
• When filibuster-enabling Republican Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown joked about his daughters being available during his victory speech last week, Bucky promptly got his Animal dun Cajun Boy on the case to dig up photos of the comely Brown girls. And the very next day (damn they're good!), they did just that, posting a pic of Brown with his daughters in seashell-top bikinis. If Brown ends up voting for the Democrats' health care bill, you'll know Buck's got something really juicy on him.



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