32 More Anonymous Hackers Arrested In Turkey

The wave of cyberattacks—and ensuing arrests—continues.

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Following the arrest of three suspects in Spain, another 32 “Anonymous” hackers—eight of which were minors—were detained in Turkey following an attack Thursday on the website  of the country’s directorate of telecommunications, as part of a protest against Internet censorship.

The mass arrests came on Sunday, the same day Turkey’s ruling AK party won a national election. One of their plans calls for a new Internet filtering system to be introduced by August, in which users would have to sign up for one of four filters: children, family, domestic, and standard. Anonymous has argued that the system will allow the government to track people’s online activity.

Thus far, major cyberattacks have claimed the likes of Google, Sony’s PSN, the IMF, Citibank, and Nintendo, among others, as victims.

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