Throwable Fire Extinguishers Introduced in Japan

Yet another unnecessary technological breakthrough brought to you by the island nation.

The fire extinguisher is one of the most common safety devices around. Yet, its design hasn't really evolved in recent times. It’s simply oft ignored—no one really wants to use the thing because, well, that probably implies your house is about to burn down.

However, inventors in Japan saw the need for an upgrade where no one else did. Their ingenuity has now brought the world throwable fire extinguishers. No, you won’t have the pleasure of chucking big, metal cylinders at people fire. Instead, a mix of fire-extinguishing chemicals is stored in a shatterable plastic bottle, which, upon impact, unleashes its carbon dioxide-based contents.

In theory, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of a grenade—but curiously similar to a piss balloon.—Devin Chanda

[via Gamma Squad]


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