‘Who TF Did I Marry’ TikTok: Man Alleging to Be Ex Seeking Legal Action Over False Claims

Jerome McCoy claims that he's "Legion" from Reesa Teesa's viral series.


Reesa Teesa’s alleged ex has come forward to tell his side of the story.

Jerome McCoy—whom Reesa calls “Legion” in her viral, 50-part TikTok series, “Who TF Did I Marry?”told TMZ that her claims about their relationship aren’t true.

Reesa, whose real name is Teresa Johnson, lodged several accusations against Legion, including that he lied about his occupation, finances, and family—and that he wasn’t upfront about his criminal past. It appears Reesa hasn’t confirmed that McCoy is her ex.

#ReesaTeesa never said Legion’s name 🤣🤣🤣🤣

And also Legion’s aka Jerome McCoy Rome’s reply regarding “proof of funds”

I can’t ya’ll 😆 Best entertainment on TikTok and everything Reesa Teesa said is true 🥲#whotfdidimarry pic.twitter.com/x81gXzqivm

— Mrs. SpaceX ™️ (@anuibi) February 25, 2024
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He told the outlet that they were “having trust issues at one point,” and that while she tried to resolve their issues, she allegedly attempted to “expose” him if he didn’t give in to her. She came forward with her story because he wouldn’t comply.

He also told TMZ that Reesa’s viral series has taken a toll on his job in PR for a hospital. He said he recently had a meeting with attorneys at work to discuss his legal options against Reesa—and he approves whatever his job chooses to do.

While it’s unknown if he’s seeking private counsel for himself, McCoy told the outlet that, “the way he’s been portrayed by Reesa is not who he is at all,” and that he feels “wronged” by her story.

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