'Black Adam' Tops Box Office Again After Grossing $27.7 Million

'Black Adam' has eclipsed the $100 million mark after its second weekend, bringing its total to $111.1 million domestically. It's also made $250M worldwide.

Dwayne Johnson at the Black Adam premiere

Image via Getty/Aldara Zarraoa

Dwayne Johnson at the Black Adam premiere

Despite Halloween being a slow time at the movies, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam still had a decent second weekend at the domestic box office.

Deadline reports that Johnson’s new superhero flick brought in $27.7 million this past Friday to Sunday, a 59 percent decline from its opening weekend. In total, the film has grossed $111.1 million domestically and is now Johnson’s 18th movie to make over $100 million in the U.S.

Black Adam has also pulled in $250 million at the international box office.

While Johnson has seen his biggest box office debut with Black Adam, the movie’s reception has been mixed, with the film rating just 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Still, Black Adam was a meaningful project for Johnson, who has been a fan of DC Comics since he was a kid. “I grew up a Superman [fan], and DC! But when I saw my first Black Adam comic, he was badass, he was cool,” Johnson told Complex earlier this month. “He had brown skin, so I identified with him. And I thought, ‘I want to be that guy!’ So that’s why I’ve been pushing for this movie for so long, for so many years.” 

Johnson added, “Hopefully, with Black Adam, little Black and little Brown boys, little boys of color and little girls of color, all kids, will look at Black Adam and the [Justice Society of America] and the cast and the color and the diversity that we have in our cast and crew, and go, ‘I can be that!’”

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