Bill Cosby Hit With New Sexual Assault Suit From Former Playboy Model

The woman who filed the suit, Victoria Valentino, alleged that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1969.

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Bill Cosby has been hit with another sexual assault case.

TMZ reports that a woman, Victoria Valentino—a former Playboy model who has previously accused Cosby of assault—has accused the 85-year-old of plying her with drugs, which made her defenseless against him, and giving him the opportunity to rape her in 1969.

Court documents say that Valentino met Cosby in Hollywood and opened up to him about her six-year-old son recently passing away. She ran into him again later that year, where she looked visibly upset while having dinner with a friend.

Valentino says he offered to treat her and her friend to a spa day and then to dinner afterward, which is when he gave them pills to make them feel better. He also apparently faked taking one himself; soon, Valentino and her friend were having trouble staying awake.

Valentino alleges that instead of taking them home, Cosby took them to his office, which is where he assaulted her. She says that Cosby’s sights were set on her friend, who was passed out on a couch, and that he was looking at her with a “predatory intensity” and had an erection.

To distract him from her friend, Valentino motioned him to her. When she tried to get up, her legs gave out from underneath her. At that point, Cosby allegedly sat next to her, took out his penis, and put it in her mouth. She also accuses him of forcibly having intercourse with her.

She’s seeking financial compensation from Cosby, though it’s unclear how much. According to TMZ, Valentino claims she has endured “severe humiliation, mental anguish, embarrassment, anger, emotional distress and loss of earnings” due to the assault.

She also says that Cosby previously confessed during a deposition in 2005 of using quaaludes to drug women with whom he wanted to be intimate.

"Media needs to vet Victoria Valentino cautiously and carefully—because she has changed her alleged accounts of sexual abuse at the hands of Mr. Cosby over 10 to 15 times,” Andrew Wyatt, a rep for Cosby, told the outlet.

He continued, "It's unfortunate that the statute of limitations were put in The Constitution to protect victims and those who are accused—and it seems that our political figures are caving to being click baiters and accumulating likes as opposed to vetting these allegations made by alleged accusers and moving swiftly to create these look back windows—which are only being created because they incorporate Bill Cosby's name. This is bigger than Bill Cosby. This is a target against every black successful man in America like Lebron James, Will Smith and President Obama."

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