Bam Margera Headed Back to Rehab for the Third Time in a Month

Margera is reportedly checking into a new rehab facility on Thursday.


Image via Getty/Kevin Winter


Bam Margera is ready to go back to rehab, after having already left a facility twice this month.

TMZ reports that he’s voluntarily checking into a new rehab facility on Thursday, after being seen drinking beer on Wednesday night in a Los Angeles bar. One of Margera’s biggest hurdles has been wanting to keep a cell phone with him at all times so he can speak to his son. His last facility took his phone, which he reportedly wasn't cool with. TMZ sources say that Margera is entering a different facility this time, and is hoping he’ll be able to keep his phone.

Just last week, Margera was arrested after leaving rehab for reportedly having a heated exchange with people at the bar of the Luxe Hotel. Later, TMZ reported that he had been readmitted into a rehab facility “immediately after” being released from police custody. The 39-year-old had reportedly agreed to the revised conditions of his admittance, which are said to include a greater commitment from him.

Just hours before TMZ published the article on Margera going back to rehab, the Jackass alum took to IG to slam his mom and say that he was going to air out his "dirty laundry."

Margera also lead a public campaign to get Dr. Phil’s help. "Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way," Margera said on Instagram. "My family is in shambles. It's been worse than it's ever been, ever." The two eventually met

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