Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Will Be Buried Side by Side

Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds will be buried side by side.

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This week’s deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, left a lot of people in the Hollywood community and around the world both shocked and grief-stricken. But it’s hard to imagine anyone being as profoundly affected by the loss of the showbiz icons than Todd Fisher, who will bury his sister and his mother side by side next week at their joint funeral service at Hollywood Hills' Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Rolling Stone reports.

In a revealing interview with 20/20, which aired Friday on ABC, Fisher opened up about what the last week has been like, and revealed that while losing both his sister and his mother within a day of each other is “horrible,” he also finds it “beautiful.”

"It's magical they are together,” he told host Elizabeth Vargas. “It’s beyond words, it's beyond understanding.”

Fisher also rejected the popular belief that his mother—who suffered a stroke just one day after her daughter passed away—died of a broken heart. “She didn’t die of a broken heart,” he said. “She just left to be with Carrie.”

In a clip from the interview, which you can watch above, an emotional Fisher details the final moments of his mother’s life, and describes a conversation in which Reynolds revealed that she wanted to join her daughter. “Within 15 minutes from that conversation, she faded out,” he explained. “And within 30 minutes, she technically was gone.”  

Fisher added that though his mother enjoyed a legendary Hollywood career, “she at her core felt that [her children were] her greatest production or her greatest accomplishment,” and “she made no bones about it.”

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