Woman Wearing 'Won't Be Caught' T-Shirt Shoplifts, Is Caught on Camera

So far, she hasn't been caught.

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A woman boldly wearing Nike's 'Won't Be Caught' T-shirt was caught shoplifting from a Marshall's in Stanford, Fla. A security camera caught her and a friend on tape entering the store and leaving with several handbags, the New York Daily News reports. Together, they stole about $700 worth of merchandise. 

Technically the cops haven't caught her yet—she's still at large, and Stanford police have asked the community to stay on alert. "With the community's help, let’s prove the women wrong and bring them to justice," said Police Chief Cecil Smith. Because even cops can appreciate irony.

Sure, Nike's original message probably had something to do with speed and agility, but this is the second woman caught on tape shoplifting while wearing the T. Last April, another woman wore the shirt to steal about $1,500 worth of perfume and cologne from an Ulta in Tampa, Fla. Maybe Nike should reconsider selling merchandise in Florida. 

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