Tyga Is Reportedly Moving Out of Kylie Jenner's House

The couple says they need more time apart.

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It's been a rough week for fans of the Tyga-Kylie Jennerrelationship. First came the rumor that Kylie dumped Tyga on his 26th birthday, then Kylie was seen leaving a club in the same SUV as A$AP Rocky. But just when we thought she'd moved on, Kylie made an awkward appearance on Ellen to confirm that she and Tyga are "still together." Whew.

The emotional roller coaster continued today when TMZ reported that Tyga is moving out of Kylie's mega mansion into his own Hollywood Hills rental. According to TMZ, the couple was worried they were beginning to resemble an inseparable duo rather than two separate people with their own careers.

After the rocky few weeks these two have had, it's no wonder they need some space. Tyga might come to miss his girl, but will he mourn the loss of his carefully cropped and framed mug shot? Only time will tell.

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