Here's Why Macs Suck for Gaming

They didn't start out that way.

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Every serious (or even casual) gamer knows that when it comes to a choice between a Mac or PC computer, there's no question PCs are the better gaming machines. Not only that, but these days most games are designed for PCs, which makes playing them on Macs even more undesirable. But things haven't always been this way. In fact, as the folks at Gameranx point out, back in the early 80s when computers were first evolving for day-to-day use, Macs, and not PCs, had a reputation as "fun" gaming computers.

That all changed when Mac decided to revamp its image—Apple was mad that office workers were requesting Macs and being denied them because employers were worried they would waste their time playing games. So Apple separated itself from the gaming market, leaving a hole that PCs quickly filled.

Interestingly, as both companies have evolved, the person attracted to Mac computers is coming to resemble the person who's interested in gaming more and more closely. Apple has capitalized on that somewhat (the iPhone has become the perfect platform for mobile gaming), but it's bypassing the chance to market to a niche audience with a really good gaming Mac. However, as the Gameranx video explains, at this point it's never going to catch up. 

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