Detroit Man Almost Blows Up Gas Station Trying to Kill Spider With a Lighter

The gas station caught it all on camera.

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Some guy in Detroit is really, really afraid of spiders. Last night an as-yet-unnamed man pulled into a Center Line gas station and began to refuel but stopped when he spotted a large spider on his gas tank. Instead of squashing the spider or brushing it off the tank, he took out a lighter and tried to burn it. As gas station employee Susan Adams put it to Fox2, "Do you know gas goes boom?" 

A surveillance video documented the whole scene, from the man whipping out his lighter to a burst of fire coming out of his gas tank to the entire pump going up in flame. Adams hit the gas automatic stop button from inside the station, and the man put out the blaze with a nearby fire extinguisher. The entire pump is charred and unusable, but the guy rolled back up to the station the next day as though nothing had happened. 

"He [said he] was sorry, he said he didn't know," Adams said. "It is just one of those things that happens—stupidity." That's being nice about it. Luckily the man and his car were both unhurt. Sir, whoever you are, we hope you've learned a valuable lesson about gasoline and fire.

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