Women Wanted by Police for Twerk-Assaulting Guy at a Gas Station

Police in Washington D.C. are searching for a pair of women who twerked on a stranger at a gas station.

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Cops in Washington, D.C. are searching for a pair of women caught on video at a gas station twerking on some dude who obviously did not want to be twerked upon. 

The women, seen in outfits definitely purchased from Target's activewear/twerking section, could be charged with third degree sexual abuse for putting their butt on the man and also groping him inside the convenience store, according to police.

A woman speaking to WUSA 9 (via the New York Post) told reporters that “I think that’s … dishonorable, disrespectful of a woman to behave like that … if it was a man acting like that, we’d be coming down on him."

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