Leaked 'Deadpool' Trailer Has Mayhem, Colossus and Masturbation Jokes

This leaked trailer from the "Deadpool" panel at Comic Con has it all: murder, mayhem, a member of the X-Men and T.J. Miller with a sick burn.

Image via Fox

OK, so it was a little bit hard to see, but the trailer that someone leaked from Saturday night's Deadpool panel at Comic Con was a blurry thing of beauty. 

Let's just say it had it all: killing (lots of enemies), cameos (Colossus), a soundtrack (Salt n' Pepa) and a very T.J. Miller-like burn from T.J. Miller ("you look like Freddy Kreuger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah") and plenty of evidence that this thing will have a very hard R rating. 

Deadpool even turns to the camera and breaks the fourth wall (a very Deadpool thing to do), saying "cue the music." Go ahead and delete X-Men Origins Deadpool from your brain, right now. 


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