'Training Day' Series Coming to Network TV

The "Training Day" TV series by director Antoine Fuqua will go to CBS...that might not be a great thing.

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CBS, aka your grandma's favorite network, has acquired the rights to a Training Day series based on the movie, aka one of the best movies of all time

Director Antoine Fuqua has apparently been shopping the project around to the "big four" networks for a minute now with a little bit of a bidding war going on, according to Deadline

But, come on. Where you at HBO? Showtime? AMC?! Are you too busy taking Sesame Street away from public television?

Fuqua will produce the series and direct a pilot. So far, that's all that's planned, but with the interest around this series don't be surprised if it gets picked up. 

Hopefully the network has a good plan for this thing. Just remember, CBS...


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