Russian Kids Tunnel out of Kindergarten to Go Buy a Sports Car

A pair of 5-year-old boys tunneled out of their school in order to go to a dealership to buy a Jaguar.

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A couple of 5-year-olds in Magnitogorsk, Russia plotted a daring escape from kindergarten for the best possible reason – to go and buy a badass car

While teachers and other students were taking a group walk around the school, the boys snuck away and left through a tunnel they'd been digging under a fence for several days, according to a report in The Guardian.

The shovels they used reportedly came from the sand box where the kindergartners played at, although I really doubt these two particular kindergartners ever had time for that noise. 

After escaping, the boys went to a luxury car dealership about a mile away where they told a woman they were there to buy a Jaguar (obviously), but didn't have any money (also obvious). 

That buzzkill took the kids in her car to a local police station and then the boys were returned to kindergarten.  The supervisor in charge at the school was reportedly fired over the incident. 

All jokes aside, it was lucky that these children were unharmed, and also, WTF teachers? 

Still though, why wait? Just go ahead and give these boys all the money and the women now. 


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