A "Robot Chicken" Animator Hacked a Nintendo Power Glove

An animator for "Robot Chicken" hacked a Nintendo Power Glove into an animation tool.

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If you're into gadgets that look amazing and function horribly, there is nothing that compares to Nintendo's gigantic 1989 swing-and-a-whiff known as the Power Glove. It sucked, yet we still wish we were wearing one right now. There's even a documentary about its awesome shittiness. 

So it's very cool that animator Dillon Markey has found a way to bring the Power Glove back as something useful. As Markey, who works on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, explains in the short film below, he worked with an electrical engineer to hack an original power glove into a tool to wirelessly control his stop-motion animation software.




It's so bad. 


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Is that the sound of Power Glove prices skyrocketing on eBay?

[Via Wired]

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