Cop Fired Over Racist Xbox Live Rant

A cop in Mississippi was fired after he had a racist outburst during an argument over X-Box Live.

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A Mississippi sheriff's deputy was fired after a troll recorded his violent, racist comments over Xbox Live and posted them online. 

The troll, identified as "David"  in the video posted to the YouTube channel Hood Gaming TV, says he trolled a guy while playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Later, that man sends David a private message about his "shit talking" and David invites the deputy to chat to continue the argument. 

After David threatens to come to the man's house house and do things to his mother and grandmother, the man, Michael Slater angrily reveals that he's an officer of the law. 

"You about to come to a f-----g paid police officer's house. I get paid to beat up n----s like you," Slater shouts at one point. 

David continues to troll the hell out of Slater, pissing him off so much that he also reveals his his address his actual badge number, the city he lives in and a phone number for the sheriff's department. 

The Jackson County, Mississippi sheriff's office confirmed to the local newspaper that the man in the video was in fact a deputy who had worked for the department for three years. The paper caught on to the story after it was publicized by the Free Thought Project

In the video, David says that he later told Slater that he was joking with him, and that he made it clear he wasn't serious about shooting a police officer he met on Xbox Live. 


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