Some Guy Peed All Over People on a Jet Blue Flight

A passenger peed all over the other passengers on a flight to Portland, police say.

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There are plenty of nuisances on airplanes, from dogs pooping in the aisle, to people hogging the bathroom to have sex in it, to crazy screaming God freakouts, but getting peed on has got to be the worst. 

An Oregon man was booked into jail on Friday, accused of peeing on several other passengers on a Jet Blue flight to Portland. 

Accordingo to KOIN 6, Jeff D. Rubin was arrested on charges of  second-degree criminal mischief and offensive littering after he woke up shortly before landing, "stood up and began urinating through the crack of the seat onto the passengers seated in front of him,” a police report said.

Then he fell backwards and “urinate(d) upwards which got the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passengers’ personal belongings,” the report says.

Cops boarded the plane and found Rubin slumped over sleeping in his seat. He was released from jail after about five hours.


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