Must-Have Holiday Toy? LEGO Strip Club

Citizen Brick has created a custom-painted LEGO strip club.

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Now here's a toy that could really teach a kid something about the real world: a LEGO strip club, complete with dancers, a pole, zebra-print couches and little stacks of cash to make it rain plastic.

There's even a tiny little LEGO DJ to remind you to tip your waitress. We're not sure what tiny LEGO record he's spinning, but let's assume its Warrant's "Cherry Pie."


The set is custom painted by Citizen Brick, a company that specializes in modifying regular old LEGOs in badass ways, such as when they made a Breaking Bad set last year. 

If you're a cool uncle, or a terrible parent, you can pick this bad boy up for a cool $275.

[Via Daily Mail]

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