Let Jeff Bridges Tuck You Into Bed With His Flute

Jeff Bridges made a whole album of bedtime music for a super bowl commercial.

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Why not get into bed with The Dude tonight?

You can do it, because Jeff Bridges has a dreamy new album filled with "intriguing sounds" designed to help you fall asleep. It's called Sleeping Tapes, and even though it's part of a pretty funny ad campaign by Squarespace that will make its debut during the Super Bowl, the album is a very real thing. 

Here's a longer commercial featuring Jeff collecting such relaxing sounds as a plastic bag dangling from a tree and Bridges nearly crapping his pants when he's spooked by an animal. 


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It's funny, but even this commercial is undeniably soothing. Bridges recorded the album with composer Keefus Ciancia (True Detective), and it's available now to stream for free at DreamingWithJeff.com. You can also pay what you like to download it or buy a physical copy on vinyl or cassette (all of the money goes to the charity No Kid Hungry).

If your dreams are half as trippy as the album itself, it's going to be a weird night. 

[Via Rolling Stone]

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