James Franco and Seth Rogen Had One Very Awkward Phone Call With Kanye West

James Franco and Seth Rogen describe the awkward phone call they got from Kanye West after their "Bound 2" parody came out.

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Seth Rogen, being a very funny/powerful guy in Hollywood, has probably heard a lot of pitches from people who think they have funny ideas. 

No doubt, many of them are terrible. 

Rogen and his ultimate bromance partner/The Interview co-star James Franco went on the Tonight Show this week, but one of the most fascinating moments happened during a backstage interview where they recounted one such pitch from none other than Kanye West. We don't wanna give away too much before you check out the video above, but let's just say the pitch had something to do with Rogen and Franco's "Bound 2" parody video and West's live show.

Luckily, it sounds like Kanye decided to leave the comedy to the professionals, but man, if only there was a recording of this phone call somewhere.

[Via Uproxx]


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