Grandma Busted for Using her Vagina to Smuggle Heroin Into Prison for her Son

A grandmother was caught smuggling heroin into prison for her son by hiding it in her vagina.

A grandmother in Spain was caught trying to smuggle drugs to her son in prison via her vagina, so it sounds like someone deserves a really nice Mother's Day gift next year. 

The 73-year-old woman allegedly had a Kinder surprise egg—a weird, European chocolate egg that normally has a toy in it and is banned from being imported into the U.S.—filled with cash, heroin, cocaine and tranquilizers up her vag when she entered the prison, according to

The woman apparently couldn't handle the pressure.

When she realized she was going to be frisked, she popped out the package, worth around €82, before handing it to prison guards, reported Spanish news agency Efe.

The woman was reportedly sentenced this week to a year and nine months in prison.

Kinder Eggs are apparently a popular tool for smuggling things into prisons. Last week a man was sentenced to two years for smuggling a drug-filled egg as well as an egg McMuffin into a British prison for his girlfriend. 

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