George Clooney Busts Magazine For Publishing a Completely Fake Interview With Him

Hello! magazine has since apologized for posting the interview, which it says was purchased from a third party.

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George Clooney isn't reclusive or anything, but he doesn't give that many interviews, so an exclusive one-on-one with Clooney was quite the get for British celebrity magazine Hello!especially since they had him talking about his relationship with his wife of just a little more than a year, Amal Clooney. The only problem is that Clooney was out here telling everyone the interview never happened. 

Clooney released this statement about the interview headlined "George Clooney Reveals Wife Amal Clooney's Most Attractive Feature"  via his people, via Deadline:

"Hello Magazine has printed an "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW " with me that has been widely picked up and reprinted.

Popsugar reports that among the things that the "exclusive interview" quoted Clooney as saying about his wife was that, "We have a rule whereby we are never apart for more than a week," and, "We also stay in touch via social media, so we try to keep close even if we're in different parts of the world." One thing that should have tipped them off that this interview didn't make sense is that Clooney doesn't even use social media. The actor has zero presence on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Later in the day, the magazine issued a statement apologizing to George and Amal Clooney and admitting that it later learned the interview was neither new, exclusive or accurate.

Hello! Group has established that the interview it bought from the Famous agency had, in fact, been culled together from a series of interviews that took place over a period of time, and many of the quotes attributed to Mr Clooney were never made by him.

Clooney's new movie, Money Monster, is due for a May 13 release.

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