Donald Trump Retweeted a Photo Posted by a Neo-Nazi

People are understandably heated about Donald Trump retweeting an anti-Jeb Bush photo from an account called "White Genocide."

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Lets bring the tally of Donald Trump's Nazi-relatedsocial media adventures to four.

The Republican presidential candidate has already tweeted out Nazi imagery on two separate occasions, and recently had his supporters attribute an Adolf Hitler quote to him on Facebook. 

Now Trump is catching heat because he retweeted an anti-Jeb Bush photo today that came from an account named Donald Trumpovitz that uses the handle @WhiteGenocideTM. It's the account of an apparent neo-Nazi, Reuters reports.

The account's profile photo reportedly features an image of George Lincoln Rockwell, "a prominent figure in the neo-Nazi movement."

It's not the Trump campaign's only slip-up of the day. CNN is reporting that a video released on Trump's Facebook page this morning to promote Trump's policies on veterans included stock footage of not American vets, but former Russian soldiers wearing medals depicting the Soviet hammer and sickle. The video has since been swapped out with a new video showing American veterans. 

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