Just when you thought that 2015 had seen all the Donald Trump / Nazi action it was going to see, somebody slips one in right under the wire. 

You may have seen this meme when it was posted to a Trump fan page on Facebook titled "The Trump Party," if you follow such pages. 

OK, sure, whatever. Except it turns out that Trump didn't actually say it, Adolph Hitler said it during a speech in 1922, according to Addicting Info

The post, which was shared dozens of times and liked more than 100 times had plenty of comments on it, too, but not a single one of them was to point out that the quote was actually attributed to the most evil being in human history. 

At least this time it was Trump supporters who linked their dude to Nazi stuff. Trump himself has accidentally tweeted out Nazi imagery on two separate occasions recently and, of course, proposed actual policy that was very reminiscent of the way the Nazis got down.