Man on 'Divorce Court' Accuses Wife of Giving Wu-Tang Clan Some 'Tang' (Updated)

A man on the reality series "Divorce Court" accused his wife of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

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A woman on the reality series Divorce Court had a hilarious complaint about her ex boyfriend, which is also probably the best thing to ever happen on Divorce Court.

"He accused me of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan," she said.

"She did," said the ex boyfriend. 

The woman explained that she did actually meet the rappers at a show, but would never be a "bustdown."

"I met Wu-Tang, I got on their tour bus, went back to the hotel, and I was just hanging out, all night ... (We) talked a lot about politics." 

At 7 a.m., she says she realized she needed to get home to her boyfriend.

"It was amazing," she said. 

The boyfriend had a much simpler explanation: "She gave Wu some tang."

Update 4/15/15 (2:42 p.m.): Method Man and Wu-Tang manager Simon Green have both denied the man's accusations. "The Wu-Tang Clan are polite and well mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness," Green told the Mirror. He also posted a photo of the accusation to Instagram, to which Method Man himself replied:

"That shits fake I would've remembered her.. I would've spotted her and said which one of u bitches brought the chaperone... She's clearly an old-er thot. And should know better with her old ass."


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