Ben Carson Says He's not 'Low Energy' Because He Tried to Stab a Guy

Ben Carson wants you to know he's not 'low energy' because he tried to stab someone.

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Ben Carson, also known as the other crazy Republican who is leading the polls, wants you to know that even though he is calm and soft spoken, he's not "super low energy" like Donald Trumpsays he is

During an appearance on NBC's Meet the Pressthe admittedly relaxed Carson tried to remind people that he ain't that relaxed, at least he hasn't always been that relaxed, because, you know, he tried to stab a guy that one time. 

After telling the hosts that "as a teenager, I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers," Carson talked about the time he "tried to stab someone."

It's a story that Carson already told in his book, but it was kind of weird to see him pull it out in this situation. Via GQ:

When he was in high school, he got into an argument with a friend over the radio station they were listening to. In a flash of anger, Carson tried to plunge a camping knife into his friend’s stomach. But the knife hit the boy’s belt buckle instead and snapped in half. As Carson tells it, the moment was a turning point. He ran home and prayed for patience. "God heard my deep cries of anguish," he wrote in Gifted Hands.


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