This Alabama Textbook Taught the Upside to Slavery

This 1970s history book from Alabama had some wild (and wildly inaccurate) sh*t to say about slavery.

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Here's a quick reminder that even in the '70s the powerful in this country were still refusing to admit the utter and complete horror of slavery: A man posted pictures of passages from his high school history textbook, complete with passages that make slavery sound not so bad. 

The man said said the book was in use when he was a ninth grader in Alabama in 1971 (though it seems like it would have been more at home in 1871). 

Here are a couple key passages: 

“Slavery was the earliest form of Social Security in the United States.”
"In clothing, as in food and housing, the slave enjoyed little or no luxury, but suffered little or no want."

Although there is one passage that even this biased-ass  book seems to have gotten right, even back then. And this one should be of particular interest to anyone who still (for some ungodly reason) believes the Civil War wasn't fought over slavery

"Thus the abolition crusade with its consequences was the number one cause for Alabama's getting into the war."

Yes, history book, the "abolition crusade," and its opposing opposite viewpoint, the strong desire to enslave people for profit, was the reason Alabama and the rest of the South got into the war. Even you know that. 


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