Fasten your safety belts because this one gets a bit bumpy.  A website has sprung up for a supposed new gaming developer called Javelin Reds Gaming.  Their first title is the light-hearted (sarcasm) and family-friendly (dripping sarcasm) game entitled Slavery the Game.  Apparently, set for release in spring of 2012 for the Xbox, PS3 and PC, Slavery the Game explores the seventeenth century as European merchants sailed the seas seeking their fortunes and as you can glean from the title: buy slaves.  Let's stop there for a brief moment and think about this.

What if this so-called game developer wanted to put out a game about slavery and depicted it as an accurate and historical representation of what it was like.  You could see arguments that would support such a game, even though it would be met with massive criticism and outrage.  But the trailer for Slavery the Game isn't interested in a historical simulation.  It's clear they are going for publicity and shock value when they state you can, "Buy slaves, discipline them, exploit them" right before showing a list of weapons—whip, scourge, spiked club—to use in such actions.      

We're convinced this isn't a real game and if this is a stunt to get people talking about a fledgling game developer, then perhaps someone should let the folks at Javelin Reds Gaming know that angering thousands of people is a piss poor way to start a business.  Karma is a bitch and it’s coming for you. 

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