There Might Be a "Party Down" Movie

Are we having fun yet?


Fans of the cult and canceled Starz series Party Down, maybe you should take a seat. While speaking in Austin, Texas this weekend, series creator Rob Thomas teased that your favorite catering crew could be reuniting one more time... for a movie.

"People are talking to us about doing a Party Down movie," Thomas said. "We are pretty far down the deal-making process with that, so we’re hopeful that there will be a Party Down movie. Ideally, if it works out we could be shooting in television hiatus time next spring. Hopefully that deal will close, and we’ll all tweet about it when it does."

Thomas has to use the spring 2012 hiatus to film because so many of the Party Down stars are on series television, including Adam Scott and Jane Lynch. Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen co-starred on the show. In case you were wondering, yes: we are having fun.

[via /Film]

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