Facebook Removes Roger Ebert's Fan Page

Mark Zuckerberg clicked "Unlike" in response to the critic's comments about Ryan Dunn.

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Earlier, we informed you that, following the death of one of Jackass cast member Ryan Dunn, popular film critic Roger Ebert used some choice words to express his thoughts about the fatal accident. 

Well, today, Ebert woke up to a notification from none other than Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, informing the movie expert that his Facebook fan page has been removed due to "malicious complaints." Ebert's disrespectful comments weren't published on his fan page, but there's no doubt that Zuckerberg, like many, was enraged about Ebert's comments towards Dunn's passing.

Old Roger isn't one to back down, however. Via his Twitter account, Ebert responded by tweeting the Facebook notification and adding a few words for good measure.


You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and it's painfully obvious that you can't throw one a bone, either.

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