Ridin’ With Ross Mac: The Wall Street Rapper Gives Manuela Tips On How She Can ‘Earn Like Boss’ Driving With Uber

Pull up and learn.

You probably know Ross Mac aka the Wall Street rapper, but you may not know Manuela. Well, it’s time to get familiar. Manuela is a driver with Uber, as well as a fire dancer, an actor, a model, a seamstress, and more. But along with her many talents, she’s still looking to add some finance expertise to her repertoire. Hey, who doesn't want to know more about money? Watch the clip here to see Ross Mac take a ride in Manuela’s car and give her some tips on getting her finances right, so she can cash out with Uber every day to stack her chips and “Earn Like a Boss.” To get more tips from Ross Mac and other drivers, check back soon for more of Uber’s "Earn Like a Boss" clips on Complex.

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