Major Food Group and American Express joined forces this weekend to throw an exclusive party in celebration of Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend in Miami.

The pair teamed up to launch Carbone Beach, a four-night dinner party in partnership with The h.wood Group and Sports Illustrated. The event, which was priced $3,000 a person, featured a star-studded guest list that included LeBron James, David Beckham, Derek Jeter, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, James Corden, Patrick Mahomes, Rich Paul, and Wyclef Jean.

Also in attendance were Serena Williams and Venus Williams, who Page Six reports “just showed up” at the dinner party’s “Second Course” soirée. 

“They ended up being snuck in through the back door,” an insider told the outlet, claiming that Carbone had to bring in four extra tables to accommodate the Williams sisters and their guests.

“Venus and Serena were basically hanging all night,” the source added. “They got there at 11 and came out ’til the party was over past 1 a.m.”

Back in April, MFG co-founder Jeff Zalaznick spoke with Page Six about the four-night party, saying, “I think that it’s a natural fit for us to be doing something really special in honor of [Formula 1].”

“People can expect something that really is in line with our entire ethos. It’s going to be elegant and luxurious but will also be a lot of fun,” Zalaznick teased. “It’s not going to be your typical giant event party. It’s going to be something that’s intimate, that’s exclusive, that has the same high-quality that we strive for … and people are going to have a great time.”