Kimora Lee Accuses Russell Simmons Of ‘Threatening My Kids' Lives,’ Daughter Details How He’s ‘Directly Harmful’

Lee accused Simmons of abusing their daughters in a series of Instagram posts.

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Kimora Lee Simmons has accused her ex-husband Russell Simmons of—among other things—"threatening my kids' lives." Their daughters also weighed in, with 20-year-old Aoki Lee Simmons saying some suspect her 65-year-old father is "mentally ill or experiencing [something] like dementia, he really acts like he hates and does not know his children frequently."

Before all of that, Ming Lee Simmons, 23, briefly took to Instagram on Sunday to wish Happy Father's Day not to the controversial mogul, but to her mother.

Kimora wound up on IG Live, where she tearfully alleged harassment and verbal abuse at the hands of Simmons at length. "Don't attack my kids, don't have anything to say about what's goes on in this house," she said at one point. "Because if you want to, we can all do that. Like I said, I like receipts. I have receipts. I've been collecting them, I've been baking a cake. So if you want it, just let me know."

Kimora also asked Russell Simmons—who has faced myriad accusations of rape, sexual harassment, and/or assault by at least 18 women—to "please leave us alone, I beg."

Aoki—who just became one of the youngest Black women to graduate Harvard, having enrolled at 16—commented on her mother's Live, “We tried to keep it private. He literally taunts and bullies us EVERYDAY. … I have phone tapes of him threatening me? … It’s not ok he’s literally ruining my life.”

Amid this, Russell Simmons posted a photo of a sign on his IG Stories reading, "Stop telling fathers they should have fought harder to see their children and start asking mothers why he had to fight at all."

Aoki had much more to share, including a series of hostile text messages from her father and a since-deleted screen recording of him shouting at her animatedly on FaceTime. She claimed he "doesn’t sound like a human being" in those moments but rather like he's "possessed."

A since-deleted post on Aoki's page was captioned, “He has threatened and bullied my sister, my grandma, he has harassed my grandma in the middle of the night in poor health, send a man to my sisters apartment at 2am to scare her. He lashes out at ANYONE who does not say 'oh Russell everything is fine'. Well it's not fine. If 'I never get a fashion job again' like he threatens, I'll be a lawyer I guess and work in criminal Justice. Sure I love my job but if he takes it away from me I won't die. You don't threaten my sister and grandma and mother and say ‘who's gonna believe you I'm Russell Simmons nobody thinks I'm crazy’ well he is.”

Aoki went on to divulge on her Stories, "I’ve had enough. I know I may lose jobs or whatever I don’t even know, I was always a daddy’s girl you can see that in any picture. But he’s been awful to me for years and that’s just the truth. I do my best. I did not side with anyone over any legal business, he's been directly harmful TO ME. He tries to get at my mom by hurting US. Since I was 16-17 he literally forced me into needing therapy but said sorry he doesn't have 100$ a month to pay for a session. Some of us do think he's mentally ill or experiencing sometbing [sic] like dementia, he really acts like he hates and does not know his children frequently. Prior to his media issues he was a really the best dad ever and a great co parent. He and my mom were best friends. We all defended him against anything, and then he suddenly turned on ANYONE who will let him lash out. It's a really just terrifying change to watch."

Kimora returned to Instagram on Monday afternoon to say things have gotten worse. "I'm so sorry to have to do this. But this man has been threatening my kids lives. I'm hearing so much more now," she wrote on her Stories, as seen below.

The 48-year-old multi-hyphenate continued, "We won't be bullied threatened or afraid. Who gaf?! No one should live like this. No one's child. This is abuse. Not ok. The threats. Not ok. The fear mongering. Not ok. leave my kids alone. ... The same abusive ish. This is how you manouver [sic] with the world and women all around you. Your threats and lies and intimidation manouvers and tactics are sad. Stop it please. Your own flesh and blood? Enough is enough. You said aoki (and ming) would never work again and that you'd RUIN HER (and them)??! Really? This is how you learn–if ppl don't mess with you–then they don't mess with you. No love lost. And for those of you who know and send your love and support-thank you we love you."

Later Monday evening, Russell Simmons returned to tell his daughters to "let go" and "be at ease," briefly apologizing "for being frustrated and yelling."

"God is testing you a little bit," he wrote. "It’s ok, be strong...they are called growing you know, we grow through adversity and read my books and heard me preach your whole childhood...reach back and to remember 'smile and breathe' let at ease...God is driving and he is working on you ❤️ DEEPLY sorry for being frustrated and yelling...but know this...there are no conditions...for sure i love you guys more than i love myself."

Two years ago, Russell filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, claiming that she stole shares of stock to help bail her new husband out of jail. According to court documents, Russell accused Kimora and her husband Tim Leissner of unlawfully transferring Russell’s funds to their account in 2018. Russell says he didn’t become aware of the transaction until July 2019. 

The 2020 documentary On the Record detailed many of the allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against Russell Simmons. His accusers include models, TV personalities, individuals in the film and music industries, and more.

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