Johnny Knoxville Reveals He Still Writes Ideas for 'Jackass' But Is Uncertain About Possible Fifth Film

Knoxville's comments come two years after the franchise's latest installment 'Jackass Forever' earned more than $80 million at the box office.

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Johnny Knoxville hasn't given up on the possibility of making anotherJackass film.

In a new interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Knoxville treaded lightly when asked about a potential Jackass 5. The 53-year-old father has promised his kids he won't risk suffering another severe injury on the set of Jackass.

“I made a promise to my kids that I wouldn’t do any more stunts where I’m going to get another concussion. I’ve had too many concussions," he explained. "I don’t care if I, like, break my arm or wrist or anything, but I can’t have any more concussions,” But everything else I’m up for.”

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However, Knoxville admitted that he still writes ideas for the franchise due to having a lot of time on his hands.

"I don’t know if we’ll ever do another one," he shared. "It’s kind of, you get the feeling, and then, ‘Let’s do another!’, but I don’t know."

Knoxville's comments arrive after he made similar remarks about a Jackass 5 during a recent interview with

"Jackass is like a feeling that you get, and you have to extinguish by doing another one," he told the website. "I don't have that feeling right now, but I still write ideas for Jackass all the time just because I can't help it. I get an idea, I'll just write it down and email it to myself. So I still write just in case, but I don't know if there will be enough."

The iconic MTV series has produced four films: Jackass: The Movie (2002), Jackass Number Two (2006), Jackass 3D (2010), and Jackass Forever (2022).

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