Jada Pinkett Smith Thwarts Attempted Burglary at Her Los Angeles Residence

The two men were scared off upon discovering the actress was home.

James Devaney / GC Images

Jada Pinkett Smith's Los Angeles residence was the sight of an attempted break-in this week while the actress was home.

TMZ reports the incident took place earlier this week around 8 p.m., when two men wearing hoodies climbed Jada's balcony in an attempt to gain access to her home. Fortunately, Pinkett Smith's presence scared the men off, as the culprits fled the scene upon discovering that the house was occupied. By the time police arrived at Jada's home, the suspects were long gone.

It's unclear if Pinkett Smith was the target or if the men were merely hitting up mansions in the L.A. area. Authorities are now investigating the close call, as Jada filed an attempted burglary report with law enforcement at the scene.

Though police did not confirm whether Jada was home alone at the time of the scare, the 52-year-old has been separated from husband Will Smith for several years now, as she revealed in an interview with Today last fall.

While speaking with Hoda Kotb in October, Jada revealed her and Will have been living “completely separate lives” since 2016.

“Why it fractured, that’s a lot of things,” Jada shared. “I think by the time we got to 2016 we were just exhausted with trying. I think we were both kind of still stuck in our fantasy of what we thought the other person should be.”

However, in a subsequent appearance onThe Drew Barrymore Show, Pinkett Smith claimed the couple will remain together despite their separation.

"I feel like maybe your and his shadow separated in a way in this book, whether they stay together forever or not," Barrymore told Jada. "It sounds like you're staying together forever."

"We're staying together forever," Jada responded. She then said, "I tried. We tried," suggesting that the pair's attempt at separating was unsuccessful.

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