This 'Harry Potter' Themed Cruise Will Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

The trip sets sail this August.

Gate of the Great hall of Hogwarts

Gate of the Great hall of Hogwarts at the Warner Bros' Harry Potter studio in Watford, London, United Kingdom, on 9 January 2018. (Photo by Julien Mattia/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Gate of the Great hall of Hogwarts

If you haven't started thinking of summer plans yet (and you're a diehard Harry Potter fan), then this very awesome option is just for you.

The Barge Lady company has created a Harry Potter-themed cruise that will give fans the chance to tour famous filming locations from the iconic franchise. Yes, this is actually real. Beginning this summer, the Magna Carta ship (which holds 8 passengers and 4 crew members) will sail along the Thames River in England for an entire week.

The locations will include Virginia Water (where Harry’s meeting with Buckbeak took place in in The Prisoner of Azkaban), Picket Post Close (a.k.a. 4 Privet Drive) and Oxford’s Christ Church College (its Great Hall served as a model for the Great Hall of Hogwarts). The journey plans to stop at the Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle as well. "The itinerary is my baby and it has been a professional highlight to see it come to fruition," Stephanie Sack told Good Morning America.

Along with exploring various spots where memorable scenes were filmed, the cruise will also give a behind-the-scenes tour of Warner Bros. studios that features costumes, props, and sets from the franchise.

So, this sounds very nice and all, but you need to start racking up your galleons as the cruise is not cheap. But with all the once-in-a-lifetime tour opportunities, wines and a bevy of fresh meals, can anyone really pass this up?

The Harry Potter cruise will only take two trips this summer, from Aug. 5-11 and Aug. 19–25. Check out the company's official website for more itinerary information.

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